Jeremy studied scenography at the University of Victoria (1994-1998) where, because

of his background in painting and sculpture ended up doing extensive scenic painting and props work. After that he travelled to the Banff Centre of the Arts(1998) and did a summer work-study in props where he also painted on a few productions. (Zurich 1916)

He worked as the head of props at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria for 4 years (2000-2004). During this time, he also ended up doing scenic painting for them either as a head painter or as an assistant, as well as working for various other local theatre companies.

(Kaleidoscope Theatre, Phoenix Theatre-University Of Victoria, William Head On Stage)

 Since moving to Montreal in 2004 he has worked in many theatres either in the capacity of painter, props or designer.  These include Centaur Theatre, Geordie Productions, and working at Concordia University in the theatre Department (assistant props and scenic artist) from 2005-20008.

In 2009 he started as co-Head Scenic Artist at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, where he still is today…

Jeremy also paints pictures and makes sculptures...


on Facebook: Jeremy Gordaneer Paintings/Sculptures

email- jgordaneer(at)



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