Past Productions

list of shows we have painted in the last few years:


Guys and Dolls – Segal Centre, Designer: Michael Eagan

Red – Segal Centre, Designer: Eo Sharp

Sherlock – Segal Centre, Designer: James Lavoie

Waiting for the Barbarians –Segal Centre, 

Tales from Odessa – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

La Verita –Finzi Pasca – Designer: Hugo Garguilo

Landscape backdrop (after Titian) – Designer: Michelle Lacombe


Equus – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

On Second Avenue – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

Same Time Next Year – Segal Centre, Designer: Phillip Silver

Scientific American – Segal Centre, Designer: James Lavoie

The Play’s the Thing – Segal Centre, Designer: Peter Hartwell

1000 Paper Cranes –Geordie Productions – Designer: James Lavoie

Beethoven Lives Upstairs –Geordie Productions – Designer: James Lavoie

Haunted Hillbilly –Sidemart Theatrical Grocery– Designer: Sarah Yaffe

Passe Parole –Concordia

Bliss – Candles are for Burning Productions –  Designer: James Lavoie

Witchcraft –Concordia Theatre Department

Richard III  -Metachroma Theatre – Designer: Veronica Classen


Lies My Father Told Me – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

Geometry in Venice – Segal Centre, Designer: Julie Fox,

Blythe Spirit – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

View from the Bridge -Segal Centre,

La Sangouine – Segal Centre,

I Don’t like Mondays -Geordie Productions – Designer: James Lavoie

Buffet Chinois (All You Can Eat) Theatre Momentum – Designer: Geoff Levine


Inherit the wind – Segal Centre, Designer:  Eli Bunton

Educating Rita – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

Old Wicked Songs – Segal Centre, 

Geometry in Venice Segal Centre, 

Harvey – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

The Jazz Singer – Segal Centre, Designer: John Dinning

Blood Claat -Black Theater Workshop

The Jungle Book -Geordie Productions – Designer: Amy Keith

Champ de Mars: A story of War -Imago Théâtre – Designer: Eo Sharp


During the painting of 2nd Ave. (backdrop) designed by John Dinning


Michael Eagan comes to visit during the painting of Guys and Dolls for the Segal Centre. 2012


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