LoGo scenic;  named after Nadia (Lo)mbardo and Jeremy (Go)rdaneer.  Who started working together in 2009 as scenic artists in Montreal, Quebec when they invented the title “Co-head Scenic Painter” for the Segal Centre. With a combined scenic painting experience  of more than 25 years they have painted over 35 shows for theatre together and many more separately.

Our shop is a working paint space which is part of the Segal Centre of the Performing Arts. Located near the Marche Central in Montreal, it is a ground floor warehouse with its own loading bay. In addition to working on Segal Centre productions we paint year round for many other local companies.  We also have access to an adjoining space and to equipment that can be used for small construction needs as well as a wonderful team of painters that work with us on occasion.

1500 Sq Ft usable working space.  15ft ceilings

maximum drop size  22ft. x 34ft

IMG_9800 IMG_9799 IMG_9798 IMG_9634



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